John Lacour, Senior Special Projects Advisor

John Lacour


John Lacour, CHCI Senior Special Projects Advisor, is the former Deputy Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health.  He has also served as the Louisiana Commissioner of Mental Health and as the Director of Health Services at the Picard Center for Child Development at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  John's experience has been as policymaker and expert on governmental regulations with specific emphasis in the public sector of dealing with budgets, contractual requirements, regulations, and coordinating with multiple agencies and organizations - Federal, State, Regional, and Local.  His focus with CHCI has been on developing clinical service models for school districts that are able to be financially sustainable, specifically relative to behavioral health and primary care.  This has led him to work closely in developing partnerships with Federally Qualified Health Centers, specifically in the area of School-Based Health Centers (SBHC).  His work includes successful partnerships with school districts in multiple Louisiana parishes in all regions of the state.   Additional partnerships are being developed in other LA school districts and John’s expertise and experience in working with government entities and school districts in his role with CHCI has accrued positive results throughout the state.

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