Administration, Operations, Strategy, Finance, Regulatory Compliance, Organizational Management, and other services vital to the healthcare industry.
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what we do

It's not enough to cut your losses. Real growth is sustainable growth.

Contemporary Health Cares, LLC is a healthcare consulting firm, with offices in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Florida, dedicated to providing quality professional services and products to select organizations within the healthcare environment. We are a financial, strategic planning, and operational management firm offering a variety of professional services enabling clients to operate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Contemporary Health Cares, LLC, focuses on finance/reimbursement, operations, strategic planning, program/service development, grants management, and physician-related services to our clients, that they have been accustomed to over the years, which have been provided by our "we have been there" team of healthcare professionals.

who we are

There is no substitute for
operational experience in the field.

Larry Sargent is an original co-founder of Contemporary Health Cares, LLC (EXEC).  EXEC is a national healthcare consulting firm which focuses on providing finance/reimbursement, operations, strategic planning, program/service development, grants management, and physician-related services to our clients, of which they have been accustomed to over the years.  The professional healthcare careers of EXEC’s leadership spans over three decades and encompasses a wide-range of current areas in an ever-changing healthcare environment including FQHC development, transaction analysis, and network development/collaboration to name a few.  Paving the way for EXEC’s growth and securing the firm’s excellent reputation in the healthcare industry today and in the future, has been facilitated by our strong consultancy structure led by Renee Helmstetter, CPA, Executive Vice President, Richard Lowenburg, Vice President, and Sharon Postel and John Lacour as Senior Special Project Advisors.





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